Summer Bowl Food Drive Winners!

by Victoria Davis, Public Relations Specialist & Volunteer Coordinator, Department of Public Relations

Henrico County’s Volunteer Services Program strives to provide meaningful volunteer opportunities to individuals and groups seeking to devote their time and services to our organization. Volunteers can make a difference in many ways, including participating in park clean-ups, serving at the animal shelter, working with departmental programs and events, and more.

The Henrico Volunteer Program is evolving and thriving to support the residents and employees. The greatest motivation for people to serve as volunteers in this community is the desire to become involved and give something back. They are not looking for benefits or recognition as much as they have a personal need that serving others helps to fulfill.

Community support and interest are essential in providing quality services for county residents. Henrico strives to implement services and programs in our volunteer efforts to support our county departments and community partners, such as the Henrico Community Food Bank.

Recently, 21 Henrico general government departments participated in the first Summer Bowl Food Drive competition to aid the Henrico Community Food Bank in its efforts to support families in Henrico County Public Schools. A total of 9,248 non-perishable and canned food items were collected! The 9,024 pounds of food that was collected equates to over 6,015 meals. This donation amount will support the food bank for the next four months.

Community Corrections, with 27 employees, was the winning department, with 3,143 items donated: the second place department was Mental Health and Developmental Services, with 1,397 items donated. Third place went to Finance, with 947 items donated.

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