Power Up your Health (and your wallet)!

by Liz Stovall, Division Manager- Fitness and Wellness

Begin or continue your Health Trip journey with an annual health screening, February – May 2019.

The focus of Power Henrico is the County’s commitment to the health and wellness of its employees. This commitment continues with the annual Biometric Screening and Personal Health Assessment. In partnership with HCA Virginia Workplace Wellness, Henrico County is offering permanent employees an opportunity to complete an onsite biometric screening and the on-line personal health assessment. Participants will receive an individually tailored personal wellness program designed around their own unique health needs and a financial incentive in their May 31st paycheck.

This annual biometric screening is an important and effective way to keep track of your personal health. It is a great way to gain awareness and understanding of your own health and ensure that you are living a healthy lifestyle. The biometric screening along with the on-line personal health assessment can help to identify any future health risks and behavior changes you can make to minimize these risks. It flags areas of concern of which you may not have otherwise been mindful of and provides an opportunity for follow-up action with myriad County services if deemed necessary or desired including EHS, Fitness and Wellness, and others.

The Biometric Screenings are delivered by professional nursing staff who will gather your basic details, such as health, weight, body mass index (BMI), and blood pressure. They will then administer a finger stick to assess your current cholesterol and blood glucose (sugar) levels. The nursing staff will privately discuss your lifestyle choices with you, such as your daily activity levels, whether you smoke, and your dietary habits. This annual biometric screening does not only check your health statistics – it provides a valuable opportunity to talk to a health care professional in detail about any issues you may have, such as existing conditions, general questions or concerns.

During your biometric screening appointment, you will have time to complete the on-line personal health assessment and review your wellness report results. This is very useful as often waiting for results from a doctor’s office can be frustrating and lengthy. If you do not understand anything about your wellness report, you can ask questions directly. You will also be provided with the results of your biometric screening, so you have a record of your assessment.

To schedule your biometric screening appointment, visit the Power Henrico website. You will find the information right on the homepage! Look for the on-line registration link to schedule your appointment.

Any questions, concerns or comments should be directed to Liz Stovall at 501-7556, or by email at mailto:[email protected].