Get into a Wellness State of Mind

by Liz Stovall, Division Manager- Fitness and Wellness

The way you think about your health and wellness plays a role in the action you take toward living a healthier lifestyle. If you prioritize your health, you’ll develop a “wellness state of mind.” You’ll think first about making the healthiest choices when it comes to food and physical activity.

Before you begin to make changes to your lifestyle, knowing where you are in your journey toward total health and wellness is important. Ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Why do I want to make changes now? What is my goal?
  2. How ready am I to make this change? If you can, quantify your readiness by rating yourself on a scale from 1 (not ready at all) to 5 (very ready).
  3. Am I willing to try new, healthier foods?
  4. Do I want to get more active or change my physical activity?
  5. Do I understand that change is a gradual process that takes time, patience and daily action?

Your answers will tell you if you’re ready to change your lifestyle and create lasting changes. If so, you’re in the right state of mind to power forward. Your new wellness mindset will help you become more focused on and conscious of your choices.

Embracing a healthy way of living for permanent, lasting changes is vital for creating improved health and wellness. Adding beneficial foods, creating new behaviors and fostering a sense of responsibility to improve the quality of your life. Keep the following three principles in mind for achieving behavior change that can lead to renewed energy, balance and healthy body weight.

  1. Balance your diet with foods from all food groups (vegetables, fruits, whole grains, plant and animal sources of lean protein, and fat-free or low-fat dairy products) to sustain health, energy and well-being.
  2. Get active every day with enjoyable movement. A few examples include walking, jogging, running, biking, hiking, swimming, stair climbing, dance, Pilates, yoga, or tai chi.
  3. Make your mental health a priority by fostering a positive attitude. Your mind plays a large role in your health and your relationship to what and how you eat and drink.

In April and continuing into May, employees can participant in the County’s Annual Wellness Screening in return for a $100 financial incentive. More information is available on the Power Henrico website with access to the on-line appointment scheduler.