YouTube, Twitter and Facebook… Oh My!

by Jenn Montrose, Marketing and Technology Specialist- Human Resources

Social media is a fast paced and ever-changing market that, in the blink of an eye or click of a mouse, can be outdated. Director Ben Sheppard of Henrico’s Public Relations & Media Services (PRMS) Department and his team are here to keep Henrico current, professional and dependable in the realm of social media. “Our goal for the County is to establish a strong connection, and prove we are a reliable source for residents,” said Sheppard.

Currently PRMS handles Henrico County’s Twitter, Facebook and YouTube channel, where they are looking to not only establish a connection to the community, but to the departments and employees of the county as well. “We have had an opportunity to take on more responsibility with social media,” said Sheppard. Did you know that PRMS has over 130 videos uploaded to their YouTube channel? Everything from their recent coverage of Henrico Recreation and Parks, ‘Red, White and Lights’ event to their most watched video on the channel, ‘Mother Maybelle & The Carter Sisters.’ YouTube has been an avenue to display the many talents of their department while showcasing the interesting and exciting facets of Henrico County. 

Not only do they produce videos for public consumption, but they also collaborate with other departments to convey messages that may otherwise be forgotten. On the Henrico County Facebook page, you can ‘Like’ and ‘Follow’ the page for updates on County-sponsored events, news, updates and more. See pictures and videos that are shared across all social media platforms like their most recent four part video series for the Henrico Office of Virginia Cooperative Extension, explaining basic, ‘Tips for Lawncare.’   Utilizing communication through social media is endless and is an effort to stay focused on the changing environment of technology.

Here’s how you can take action and keep up with all of Henrico’s social media efforts:

  1. Subscribe to Henrico County’s YouTube channel- Simply click the red ‘Subscribe’ button under the right corner of the banner photo.
    • Note: You will need a Google account to subscribe. If you do not have one, don’t be intimidated. The process is easy!
      1. Go to Google to create your Google Account, and follow their instructions.
  2. ‘Like’ Henrico on Facebook- Log into your Facebook account and navigate to the Henrico County Government. Directly below the main image, you will see a ‘Like’ button with a thumbs up. Click it, and you are now connected!
  3. Follow Henrico on Twitter- Navigate to the page and click the blue ‘Follow’ button below the banner image.
    • Note: If you do not have a Twitter account, follow these simple steps to create one.
      1. Go to Twitter and click ‘Sign Up’
      2. Follow the instructions through to create your account.
      3. Head back to Henrico’s page and click ‘Follow!’

The doors at PRMS are always open and the team is eager to work with anyone who has ideas for their social media platforms. So, whether your department wants to create a video for the citizens and feature it on YouTube, or you want them to post on Facebook about an upcoming event; reach out to them and share your ideas. Who knows, it just might go viral!