LinkedIn: Henrico County & Employees in the Digital World

by Anastasia Branch, Summer Intern, Department of Human Resources

Henrico County and its employees utilize LinkedIn to highlight its initiatives, attract new employees, and collaborate with outside entities to gain fresh perspectives. This social media platform allows employees and employers alike to network virtually in a professional setting.

According to Phil Szomszor, LinkedIn sales manager, as of November 2021, “LinkedIn claims that 57 million companies are listed on the platform.” Within these 57 million companies, Henrico County is represented on the network as a government administrative company with 2,041 employees active on LinkedIn. Users of LinkedIn, including Henrico employees, have the opportunity to upload resumes to their user profile, post professional announcements, and maintain online communication with colleagues. 

Whitney Crain, Manager of the Talent Acquisition Division of Human Resources at the County, incorporated Henrico County’s LinkedIn and her personal LinkedIn into her professional career. “I highlight hard-to-fill positions on my page that departments can share on their pages or anything … to promote the County as a preferred employer,” said Ms. Crain. 

Across Henrico’s forty-one departments, Ms. Crain said she has “seen people in all industries on LinkedIn, and I feel all voices and industries need a voice on the platform.” Regarding Henrico County’s page, Ms. Crain said that checking it “helps keep you in the know on what’s new and spotlights initiatives that can be shared on your personal page to help market the County.” 

Henrico’s Human Resources Department’s Division of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion administrative assistant, Kendall Johnson, echoed these sentiments. Ms. Johnson said she creates connections on LinkedIn “to stay up to date with my former and current colleagues, as well as others that I am continuously meeting through conferences and partnerships with my organization.” 

LinkedIn’s universality “allows me a chance to keep up with the work they are doing, new findings they discover, and keep in touch with other professionals along their career journey,” said Ms. Johnson. “The platform brings together a community of professionals across the County, nation, and internationally.” 

In the County’s Public Relations department, undergraduate intern Ava Posey referenced the Henrico internship program which features interns and their experiences throughout the summer. On this note, Ms. Posey said, “Through these posts, I have connected with other interns on the platform and been able to gain a wider perspective on what goes on in the county.”

LinkedIn users can like, comment, or repost any posts from an account, including Henrico County’s account. “Interacting with County LinkedIn posts boosts those posts onto the pages of your followers, creating a wider network of connections and possibilities,” said Ms. Posey.

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