Employee Votes are in!

by By Christy Nealey, Marketing and IT Specialist, Department of Human Resources

“Innovation” is the number one keyword Henrico County employees used to describe the culture of their workplace according to the Richmond Times-Dispatch (RTD) Top Workplaces survey. Two thousand six hundred (2,600) employees responded to earn us one of five spots in the mega company category. Yvette George, Director of Human Resources, originally wanted Henrico County to participate in the survey so that County Management could get a pulse on what employees were thinking and feeling after an eventful 2020. “I truly expected more strongly disagree responses. It was such a surprise and positively rewarding that we won in our first year participating.”

According to employees, direction, value, and execution are Henrico County’s strongest attributes. When asked what their level of agreement was to the statement: “I believe Henrico County is going in the right direction.” 91% responded that they, on some level, agree with the statement. To the statement “Henrico County operates by strong values.” 99% of respondents said they agreed. Likewise, 99% of the employees who responded agreed that “At Henrico County, we do things efficiently and well.” Still in her first year with Henrico County, Yvette said she is proud to work with such wonderful, dedicated, and motivated employees. She is excited to see where and how we can grow.