Employment and Salary Verifications

All verifications for government employees (both current and former) should be sent to HR Financial & Administration Services for processing.  This may also include any forms that need to be completed with reference to employment status and wage information.

Employee Electronic Verification through HRMS

All current employees are able to generate a verification of their employment that can be submitted electronically via e-mail to outside sources as necessary through HRMS.  This allows employees to initiate the first step for verification without requiring the institution to contact Human Resources.

How to grant access for an employment verification:

  1. Log in to HRMS.
  2. Select Employee Direct Access.
  3. Select Personal Information Review and Update.
  4. Select Employment Verification.
  5. Select the details to share, either employment information only or employment and salary information.
  6. Type in the e-mail address for the person or lending institution to whom you are granting access.
  7. Type the number for expiration i.e., how many days are you going to give them to review this information.
  8. Type the number of visits to your information. (The system will default to the five day expiration and/or five visits.)
  9. Click Continue.
  10. The preview screen will show you what those accessing your information will see. You can also leave a comment if need be.
  11. Click Submit.

If you have any questions or need help, contact (804) 501-5078.

If institution does not accept the verification, or if you are a former employee or a reference is needed, that request shall be forwarded exclusively to the Department of Human Resources, Financial & Administrative Services.

Verification of Employment (non-electronic)

If the employee does not initiate the authorization process through HRMS as detailed above, verification requests for salary information require a signed authorization to release information. The agency requesting the verification will provide the “Authorization to Release Information,” a signed copy of which will need to be submitted to HR Financial & Administrative Services. The request will be reviewed and completed per available information in the employee’s file.