When I Leave Employment

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When you leave employment it is important to understand when benefits end and how you can continue benefits. Health and Dental benefits cease at the end of the month in which you separate from employment.

If you are eligible for COBRA, you will receive information and an election form by mail to the address on file with Henrico County.

For important details about your benefits after you leave the County:

For benefits questions, contact the Benefits Division at (804) 501-7371. For general questions on separation, contact Employee Relations at (804) 501-4273.

Final Pay

When you leave employment, you will receive your final pay on the next regular payday for all hours worked. An employee is entitled to payment for all unused accrued annual leave based on the employee’s current rate of pay. Payment will be made to you as soon as possible thereafter, within 30 days of last regular pay. For final pay questions, contact HR Transactions at (804) 501-4628 or e-mail [email protected].