Position Title (per HRMS format and character limitations)

Account Clerk I
Account Clerk II
Account Clerk III
Accountant I
Accountant II
Accountant III
Accountant IV
Accounting and Fiscal Technician
Accounting Section Manager
Administrative Assistant
Administrative Secretary
Animal Protection Police Officer
Animal Protection Police Officer/CDP 1st Class
Animal Protection Police Officer/CDP Career
Animal Protection Police Officer/CDP Master
Animal Protection Police Officer/CDP Senior
Animal Protection Police Supervisor
Assistant Attorney I/Commonwealth
Assistant Attorney II/Commonwealth
Assistant Attorney III/Commonwealt
Assistant Chief of Solid Waste
Assistant County Attorney I
Assistant County Attorney II
Assistant County Attorney III
Assistant Dir of Human Resources
Assistant Director of Info Tech
Assistant Director of Planning
Assistant Director of Real Property
Assistant Director of Recreation
Assistant Director/Gen Services
Assistant Director/Public Utilities
Assistant Director/Public Works
Assistant Director/Social Services
Assistant Division Director
Assistant Fire Chief
Assistant Library Director
Assistant Mail Room Supervisor
Assistant Producer/Director
Assistant Registrar I
Assistant Registrar II
Assistant Traffic Engineer
Assistant Treasury Supervisor
Asst Dir of Community Development
Asst Dir of Pub Rel & Media Svcs
Auditor I
Auditor II
Auditor III
Automotive Equipment Mechanic
Automotive Equipment Supervisor
Automotive Equipment Technician
Automotive Fleet Manager
Automotive Mechanic Foreman
Automotive Service Worker I
Automotive Service Worker II
Branch Librarian
Bridge Inspector
Budget Analyst I
Budget Analyst II
Budget Analyst III
Budget Director
Budget Supervisor
Building Inspector I
Building Inspector II
Building Superintendent
Business Audit Supervisor
Business Auditor I
Business Auditor II
Business Inspection Supervisor
Business Inspector I
Business Inspector II
Business Manager
Business Section Manager
Business Supervisor
Capital Projects Coordinator
Capital Projects Manager
Casework Supervisor
Chief Deputy Attorney/Commonwealth
Chief Deputy Circuit Court Clerk
Chief Deputy Sheriff
Chief of Laboratory Operations
Chief of Security Services
Chief Water/WW Plant Operator
Claims Adjuster
Claims Technician
Communications Maintenance Spvr
Communications Officer
Communications Officer–CDP Career
Communications Officer–CDP First Class
Communications Officer–CDP Master
Communications Officer–CDP Senior
Communications Officer–Entry
Communications Supervisor
Communications Systems Manager
Communications Systems Technician
Community Development Supervisor
Community Development Tech I
Community Development Tech II
Community Development Tech III
Computer Operations Supervisor
Computer Operator I
Computer Operator II
Computer Operator III
Construction Coordinator
Construction Engineer
Construction Inspector
Contract Specialist
Correctional Captain
Correctional Deputy
Correctional Deputy/CDP Career
Correctional Deputy/CDP Career/Shift
Correctional Deputy/CDP First Class
Correctional Deputy/CDP First Class/Shift
Correctional Deputy/CDP Master
Correctional Deputy/CDP Master/Shift
Correctional Deputy/CDP Senior
Correctional Deputy/CDP Senior/Shift
Correctional Deputy/Shift
Correctional Lieutenant
Correctional Lieutenant/Shift
Correctional Major
Correctional Sergeant
Correctional Sergeant/Shift
County Planner I
County Planner II
County Planner III
County Planner IV
County Probation Officer
County Surveyor
Criminal Records Manager
Crossing Guard
CRWP Assistant Director
CSA Coordinator
Custodial Worker
Custodian I
Custodian II
Customer Service Representative
Customer Service Supervisor
Deputy Building Official
Deputy Chief of Police
Deputy Clerk I
Deputy Clerk II
Deputy Clerk III
Deputy Clerk IV
Deputy Clerk Supervisor
Deputy County Attorney
Deputy Director of Finance
Deputy Fire Chief
Deputy General Registrar
Deputy Zoning Conformance Officer
Design Engineer
Detention Counselor
Detention Food Service Manager
Detention Home Assistant Supt
Detention Outreach Coordinator
Detention Outreach Worker
Detention Supervisor
Division Director
Division Manager
Division Supervisor
Drafting Technician I
Drafting Technician II
Electrical Engineer
Electrical/Elevator Inspector Supv
Electronic Controls Technician
Emergency Communications Manager
Emergency Manager
Employment Services Supervisor
Employment/Training Coord I
Employment/Training Coord II
Employment/Training Specialist
Employment/Training Technician
Engineer I
Engineer II
Engineering Aide I
Engineering Aide II
Engineering Aide III
Engineering Technician
Environmental Inspector
Environmental Management Engineer
Equipment Operator I
Equipment Operator II
Equipment Operator III
Executive Assistant
Facilities Coordinator
Facilities Manager
Fire Battalion Chief
Fire Captain
Fire Division Chief
Fire Equipment Mechanic
Fire Equipment Mechanic Foreman
Fire Lieutenant
Firefighter (Career)
Firefighter (Entry)
Firefighter (FFII)
Firefighter (FFIII)
Firefighter (Master)
Firefighter (Senior)
Fitness Trainer
Food Service Assistant
Food Service Manager
Food Service Supervisor
GIS Coordinator
GIS Technician
Human Resources Analyst I
Human Resources Analyst II
Human Resources Analyst III
Human Resources Assistant I
Human Resources Assistant II
Human Resources Manager
Human Services Assistant
Human Services Division Manager
Human Services Specialist
Human Services Supervisor
Infant Development Specialist
Information Tech Control Spvr
Information Tech Control Tech
Information Tech Hardware Spclst
Information Tech Project Leader
Information Tech Senior Specialist
Information Tech Systems Engineer
Information Technology Project Mgr
Inmate Classification Officer
Inmate Classification Supervisor
Inspections Plans Reviewer
Instructional Specialist
Instrumentation Specialist
Job Developer
Labor Foreman I
Labor Foreman II
Labor Foreman III
Laboratory Aide
Laboratory Analyst
Landfill Attendant
Latent Print Examiner
Librarian I
Librarian II
Librarian III
Library Assistant I
Library Assistant II
Library Assistant III
Library Assistant IV
Library Clerk
Library Manager
Library Public Services Coordinator
Licensed Practical Nurse
Maintenance Assistant I
Maintenance Assistant II
Maintenance Superintendent
Maintenance Supervisor
Management Assistant
Management Specialist I
Management Specialist II
Management Technician
Manager of Production Services
Materials Technician I
Materials Technician II
Mechanical Engineer
Mechanical/Plumbing Inspector Supv
Media Manager
Media Specialist
Medical Assistant
Meter Reader
Meter Reader Foreman
Meter Repair Specialist
Meter Service Foreman
Meter Service Worker
MH/DS Case Aide
MH/DS Case Manager
MH/DS Clinical Supervisor
MH/DS Clinician
MH/DS Community Support Supervisor
MH/DS Division Director
MH/DS Facilities Coordinator
MH/DS Group Home Supervisor
MH/DS Group Home Worker
MH/DS Marketing Specialist
MH/DS Program Coordinator
MH/DS Program Manager
MH/DS Records Coordinator
MH/DS Residential Counselor
MH/DS Senior Community Support Spvr
MH/DS Senior Division Director
MH/DS Support Services Specialist
MH/DS Training Assistant
MH/DS Training Specialist
Monitoring Technician I
Monitoring Technician II
Museum Technician
Nurse Practitioner
Occupational Therapist
Office Assistant I
Office Assistant II
Office Assistant III
Office Assistant IV
Office Supervisor
Parks Services Manager
Permit Clerk
Personal Property Tax Auditor I
Personal Property Tax Auditor II
Personal Property Tax Supervisor
Planning Technician
Plant Maintenance Mechanic
Police Aide
Police Captain
Police Command Sergeant
Police Lieutenant
Police Major
Police Officer
Police Officer-CDP 1st Class
Police Officer-CDP Career Officer
Police Officer-CDP Master
Police Officer-CDP Senior
Police Officer-Corporal
Police Sergeant
Police Support Technician I
Police Support Technician II
Police Support Technician III
Polygraph Examiner
Pretrial Services Officer
Preventive Maintenance Supervisor
Preventive Maintenance Technician
Principal Planner
Procurement Supervisor
Public Relations Coordinator
Public Relations Specialist
Publications Assistant
Purchasing Manager
Purchasing Support Specialist
Purchasing Technician
Radio Repair Tech II
Radio Repair Tech III
Radio Repair Technician I
Real Estate Appraiser I
Real Estate Appraiser II
Real Estate Appraiser Supervisor
Real Estate Assessment Director
Real Estate Section Manager
Real Property Agent I
Real Property Agent II
Recreation Coordinator I
Recreation Coordinator II
Recreation District Foreman
Recreation Instructor
Recreation Programs Manager
Recreation Programs Supervisor
Recreation/Parks Planning Spvr
Recreation/Parks Project Specialist
Registered Nurse
Rehabilitation Counselor
Residential Building Inspector Supv
Revenue Collection Officer I
Revenue Collection Officer II
Risk Manager
Road Constr & Maint Asst Supt
Road Constr & Maintenance Supt
Safety Officer
Safety Specialist
Security Officer
Security Officer – CDP First Class
Security Officer – CDP Senior
Security Officer Supervisor
Senior Accountant
Senior Animal Protection Police Officer
Senior Assistant County Attorney
Senior Asst Attorney/Commonwealth
Senior Auditor
Senior Budget & Management Analyst
Senior Business Auditor
Senior Business Supervisor
Senior Buyer
Senior Capital Project Manager
Senior Claims Adjustor
Senior Construction Coordinator
Senior Construction Inspector
Senior Controller
Senior Cook
Senior County Probation Officer
Senior Electrician
Senior Engineer
Senior Engineering Technician
Senior Environmental Inspector
Senior Fitness Trainer
Senior Human Resources Analyst
Senior Human Services Specialist
Senior Instrumentation Specialist
Senior Laboratory Analyst
Senior Latent Print Examiner
Senior Management Specialist
Senior Permit Clerk
Senior Planning Technician
Senior Plans Review Engineer
Senior Plant Maintenance Mechanic
Senior Plumber
Senior Police Support Technician
Senior Pretrial Services Officer
Senior Public Relations Specialist
Senior Real Estate Appraiser
Senior Real Property Agent
Senior Recreation Coordinator
Senior Revenue Collection Officer
Senior Shop Clerk Dispatcher
Senior Social Services Aide
Senior Social Worker
Senior Television Producer/Director
Senior Utility Pipe Locator
Senior Utility Plant Mechanic
Senior Water/WW Plant Operator
Shop Clerk-Dispatcher
Social Services Aide
Social Worker I
Social Worker II
Speech Pathologist
Sr Community Development Technician
Sr Emergency Communications Manager
Storekeeper I
Storekeeper II
Superintendent/Central Main Facil
Support Services Supervisor
Survey Party Chief
Technology Support Specialist I
Technology Support Specialist II
Technology Support Specialist III
Technology Support Specialist IV
Technology Support Technician I
Technology Support Technician II
Television & Media Services Manager
Television Operations Technician
Television Producer Director
Traffic Engineer
Traffic Engineering Technician
Traffic Operations Supervisor
Traffic Service Worker I
Traffic Service Worker II
Traffic Signal Service Worker
Traffic Signal Technician I
Traffic Signal Technician II
Traffic Signal Technician Spvr
Transportation Development Engineer
Treasury Supervisor
Utilities Cashier
Utility Inventory Technician
Utility Mechanic
Utility Pipe Locator
Utility Plant Mechanic
Utility Plant Operator I
Utility Plant Operator II
Utility Superintendent I
Utility Superintendent II
Vehicle Section Manager
Vocational Specialist
Warehouse/Parts Supervisor
Water Facility/Reclam Oper Supt
Water/WW Facility Maint Supt
Water/WW Plant Operator I
Water/WW Plant Operator II
Water/WW Plant Operator Trainee
Zoning Enforcement Officer
Zoning Enforcement Supervisor