Change Your Benefits

Employees may make changes to certain benefits when they experience certain qualifying life events, as listed in the table below.

For qualifying events the time period to make benefit changes is 60 days. Please note that benefit changes will take effect the first of the month following receipt of all paperwork. However, enrollments for the birth or adoption of a child are retroactive to the date of birth or adoption.

If the designated number of days (60) has passed, employees must wait until the next Open Enrollment period or experience another qualifying event to make a change. Any changes made must be consistent with the qualifying event experienced.

Type of Qualifying Event Change(s) permitted Effective date of change(s) Documentation required
Birth or adoption of a child Add new dependent to existing coverage, new enrollment(s), and changes to FSA Date of birth or adoption Copy of birth letter, birth certificate, or copy of adoption agreement
Marriage Add or drop coverage or a dependent for health, dental, and FSA First of the month following the receipt of paperwork Copy of the marriage certificate
Divorce Drop former spouse from coverage End of the month in which divorce is final Copy of final divorce decree
Death Drop deceased dependent from coverage End of the month in which dependent dies Death Certificate or documentation of date of death
Change in employee’s or spouse’s eligibility for employment or eligibility for benefits Varies, but generally can add or drop dependents and/or add or drop benefits First of the month following the receipt of paperwork Document from employer stating that a change in eligibility or employment has occurred

There are many other life events that may allow you to make a benefits change. This table is not an exhaustive list. For more information on these and other Qualifying Events, see the Qualifying Event Form. Please call HR Benefits Division at 501-7371 with questions.

How to Make a Qualifying Event Change
Complete the Qualifying Event Form and a new enrollment form for each benefit you wish to change (i.e., Health and Dental). Send these forms, along with supporting documentation to the HR Benefits Division within 60 days of the qualifying event. Please consider how the timing of submitting your paperwork will impact the date your change is effective. Call HR Benefits at 501-7371 with questions.

Update your information: With many qualifying events, you may want to change your personal information, which you can update through HRMS. You might also want to update your VRS Beneficiary and your Deferred Compensation Beneficiary (Empower).