Policies and Procedures Section 2: Administration and Services


2.1 Chief Human Resources Officer

The County Manager is the Chief Human Resources Officer for the County. The County Manager directs the administration of the County’s Policies and Procedures and may delegate to the Director of Human Resources (HR) any of his duties that he deems appropriate in connection with the administration of these Policies and Procedures.

2.2 Mission of the Department of Human Resources

As an agency reporting directly to the County Manager, the Department of Human Resources strives to support the County’s mission and vision in all of its endeavors, while focusing on the three Cs (Communication, Collaboration, and Credibility).  The Department of Human Resources partners with and serves other County agencies to:

  • Remain an employer-of-choice.
  • Attract and retain the “right” employees in the “right” seats at all job levels.
  • Maintain high employment and low turnover.
  • Enhance employee health, fitness, and wellness efforts in an attempt to manage rising health care costs.
  • Provide innovative learning opportunities for County employees to continue to grow and develop professionally and personally.
  • Ensure leadership readiness for all employees at all levels of the organization.
  • Keep the County’s compensation and benefits at a competitive level and partner with the Henrico County Public Schools to maintain a unified payplan.
  • Provide assistance to employees and supervisors in areas impacting employee relations and promote diversity awareness.
  • Ensure all personnel-related laws, regulations, policies, and procedures are followed.
  • Prioritize the delivery of quality, efficient services to all our customers.
  • Be organizationally astute to the needs of the County of Henrico and serve as an internal consultant to the County Manager’s Office and to operating departments regarding human resource management.

2.3 Responsibilities of the Director of Human Resources (05-29-2020)

The Director of Human Resources is charged with writing, administering, and interpreting these Policies and Procedures, in addition to all other human resource management responsibilities including, but not limited to, those imposed by policy and by law.

  1. The Director of Human Resources shall interpret and apply these Policies and Procedures to provide consistency, fairness, and equity among employees.
  2. The Director of Human Resources shall advise the County Manager in matters concerning human resources management in the County and shall recommend to the County Manager such amendments to these Policies and Procedures as he deems appropriate.
  3. The Director of Human Resources shall maintain all centralized personnel records and personnel files relating to County employees and positions.
  4. The Director of Human Resources shall ensure that human resources administration is accomplished through sound merit principles.
  5. The Director of Human Resources is responsible for such broad areas as advertising, recruiting, employment, internships, classification, position control, compensation, benefits, human resources management system, organizational learning and talent development, career development, fitness and wellness training, succession management, leadership development, employee health services, personnel and payroll transactions, employee relations, diversity, employee discipline, drug testing, equal employment opportunity, employee and supervisory communications, volunteer services, policy interpretation, legislative review of personnel matters, and other functions of human resource administration and management.
  6. The Director of Human Resources may delegate his approval authority specified in these Policies and Procedures to appropriate staff in the Department of Human Resources in situations he deems appropriate. In addition to the duties described herein, the Director of Human Resources shall perform other duties as the County Manager may assign.

2.4 Services to Employees and Agencies (09-22-2022)

The Department of Human Resources offers a variety of services, benefits, and opportunities to County employees and agencies. A brief overview of some of these services is included below, along with links to more information.

  1. Services to Employees:
    1. Benefits – also see Section 4.7
    2. Professional development – in alignment with the County’s Capability Model and the County Manager’s vision
    3. Fitness and wellness resources
    4. Employee Service Awards – see Section 2.4-C below
  2. Services to Agencies:
  3. Employee Service AwardsThe intent of the County’s Employee Service Awards program is to recognize employees for their dedicated service to the County and its residents; to impress upon each employee that his service to the County plays an important role in achieving the overall goals of County government; and to encourage career employment in public service with the County of Henrico.
    1. Eligibility: Employees in all authorized positions as defined in the Glossary (full‐time and part‐ time) and who are paid through the County’s HRMS are eligible for the County’s Employee Service Awards program.
    2. Computation
      1. Awards shall be made based on continuous service with the General Government of Henrico County. Employees who have transferred from Henrico County Schools must meet the same criteria prior to and after the transfer in order to receive continuous service recognition.
      2. Employees will be eligible to receive awards after the completion of each five‐year interval of service, beginning with year five (for example, five years, ten years, 15 years, etc.).
      3. Effect of re-employment on continuous service: Employees returning to the County’s service shall be credited for prior eligible County service, provided they are re-employed within six months from their date of separation and provided the separation was voluntary and not due to retirement.
      4. Effect of transfers on continuous service: Transfers made within the various County General Government agencies or divisions shall have no effect on an employee’s service date, provided there is no break in service.