Long Term Income Protection

Effective January 1, 2017, MetLife will provide our Long Term Disability Income Protection coverage for full-time employees in VRS Retirement Plan 1 or Plan 2 who have completed six months of service. MetLife benefits replace 60% of an employee’s covered salary after 90 days of disability.

Note: VRS Hybrid Plan members are covered by the Hybrid Disability Program.

Core Coverage

The County provides the core coverage to protect annual salary up to $50,000. Eligible employees are automatically covered at no cost.

Buy Up Coverage

If your annual salary is above $50,000, you may apply to protect your salary above $50,000. You may elect to cover your salary above $50,000 without answering health questions within 1) 31 days of the date you complete six months of full time service or 2) within 31 days of the date your salary exceeds $50,000, whichever is later.

  • To enroll during the 31-day period when you are first eligible for buy up coverage: send your LTD Buy Up Enrollment Form to HR Benefits.
  • To apply after the 31-day initial eligibility date: send the MetLife Statement of Health Form (evidence of insurability) directly to MetLife for approval. MetLife will notify HR if your application is approved. If approved, HR will contact you regarding payroll deductions.
  • LTD Buy Up Rate: $0.468 per $100 of covered salary.


$70,000 (annual salary) – $50,000 (core coverage) = $20,000 for Buy Up coverage
$20,000/$100 = 200 (number of 100’s of covered Buy Up salary)
200 x $0.468 = $93.60 (annual cost of covered Buy Up salary)
$93.60/24 pay periods per year = $3.90 biweekly payroll deduction for the additional $20,000

 LTD Plan Resources

How to File a LTD Claim (for disabilities that begin on or after January 1, 2017):