Internship Program

The Department of Human Resources sponsors an award-winning formal Internship Program partnering high school and college students with departments focusing on the student’s area of study. Learn how your department and customers can benefit from the Internship Program!

How to start the process:

1. Decide if your department has meaningful work that can benefit from hiring a High School, College, or Graduate student as an intern and if said internship should be paid or for academic credit.

*Note: All internships are limited to 29 hours per week. If a student is earning academic credit (unpaid) and it would require additional hours each week to meet the total hours requirement within the timeline set by the school, consult the Internship Program Coordinator to get approval.

School Level XC Job Code HT
Job Title
(Links to Class Spec)
FLSA Pay Grade Step 2
Hourly Pay Rate
Note: These rates are for the FY 22/23.
Why Hire?
High School G.E.9.0001 Intern I Non-Exempt XC.1 $15.00 May continue as interns through college; experience may increase students’ desire to graduate/pursue higher education.
Undergrad G.E.9.0002 Intern II Non-Exempt XC.2 $16.00 More work experience; may be interested in full-time work in the future with the County; word of mouth exposure on campuses for Henrico County.
Graduate G.E.9.0003 Intern III Non-Exempt XC.3 $17.00 More work experience; more advanced skill set; may want to work full-time for the County in the future.

2. Submit the Request Form in a timely manner

In order to have time to advertise, please send your requests to the Internship Program Coordinator as soon as possible, preferably no later than the dates listed below:

  • Spring Semester Intern: August 1
  • Summer Semester Intern: December 1
  • Fall Semester Intern: May 1

3. Once approved, the Internship Coordinator will then create a job vacancy in iRecruitment and the hiring process will begin.

I have hired an intern; now what?